Guys and Ragdolls (for [personal profile] raggedy_doll)

Jun. 4th, 2013 11:36 am
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Bass, Alto, and Soprano had known about Billy's new consort shortly after Billy did. Of course he'd left out some of the details of how it had happened (the drunken half-remembered sex, for instance) but the general gist was that he had a Romantic Partner and everyone should recognize how awesome he was for having one.

Alto found Music Meister's enthusiasm adorable, like an eager teenager trying to work references to having a <3~boyfriend~<3 into every single conversation. Her boss had always seemed like a fairly sweet guy and she had extended fantasies of candlelight interludes, riverside serenades, and expensive gifts stolen from the most elite of galleries.

Soprano, who'd had a rotating string of bad boy affairs that almost inevitably ended in disaster, was a little more cynical about the subject. Music Meister had a tendency to bring drama into everything, no pun intended, and the person he waxed eloquent about this week might be the unholy spawn of the Devil as soon as they found something to argue about.

Bass had little opinion on Ragdoll, but he rarely had opinions on things that didn't involve money, imminent danger, or edible products. A happy boss meant less fuss and tantrums so he supposed he was for it.

And their happy boss had been quite daring tonight. Between hectic missions, Arkham visits, and troublesome New England geography Billy and Peter hadn't seen each other in person since the cultist incident. Worryingly explicit (or even more worryingly vague) text messages were no match for a proper romantic get-together. With Ragdoll arriving in town that evening Billy needed to get boyfriend funds together quickly, so he'd neglected the usual ploy of stealing a large shiny object in favor of going after actual cash--in this case, a craps game run by one of the more affluent Gotham gangs. Such games dealt in untraceable cash and goods, and tended to be more on guard against cops than a rousing rendition of "Luck Be a Lady". They'd be upset later, Billy imagined, but what could they possibly do to him? They were mere mobsters and he an archcriminal. At least he'd be spending the money on healthier things than drugs and prostitutes.

The Tempest wasn't originally designed to hold company for more than the length of a show, but Billy had made appropriate accommodations. A few seats had been removed from the balcony to make room for an antique table, as well as an easy chair from which to watch films on the theater's retractable projector screen. Bass, in pinstripes-sans-jacket, was setting the table with fancy silverware and candlesticks. They'd been drafted into wait staff duty for the 'afterparty', as well as making the preparations while the boss was out buying appropriate romance supplies.

Alto was lounging in her flapper girl costume, playing with the long string of beads. A glittering headband with a peacock feather stood out in her blonde hair. Soprano, with her boy cut and less flamboyant style, wore a Coco-Chanel styled women's suit whose kitten heels she'd swapped for sturdy leather boots. Her bell-shaped hat was hanging off the armrest of one of the chairs.

"So what's he like?"


"I mean, as a person."

"Freaky. He's got these scars all over him and the way he moves is just...freaky. It's like watching a spider with half the legs."

"That doesn't mean he's a bad guy." Alto re-crossed her legs, stockinged feet propped up on the balcony railing. "Meister's plenty weird too. And there's Mr. Nygma, he treats his girls real well and he's all kinds of crazy."

"Look, I only met the guy once and we were both kinda busy. I got no idea what he does in his personal time."

"Besides the boss, hee hee."

"You are such a goddamn twelve-year-old."

"Come on, it's cute that Meister's got a guy. He even went and rescued the boss from those jerks who kidnapped him and that's totally adorable. I bet he's got that same romantic spark Meister does."

"You know Ragdoll's on a mercenary assassin team, right? He's probably wanted for murder in ten states."

"...still doesn't make it not cute."

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"Oh, yes, I've always found it incredibly useful." Whether for crime or for sex, it brought just the right touch of exoticism! And of course it allowed him to do things no other human being could do, which was always a source of pride.

"Of course, sometimes toys are required and bring something extra to the experience, but when those aren't available we muddle through."

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Soprano was bowing out before Ragdoll even opened his mouth to answer, and he paused to watch her go, head cocked, before turning back to Alto. He looked quizzical. "And what was that about, I wonder? Was it the conversation?"

Perhaps it was! He had a feeling the Six, two, would display that same aversion to hearing about his and William's exploits, whether they involved tying up or not.

People could be so strange sometimes.

Date: 2013-06-10 12:06 pm (UTC)
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"Really? I've never had anyone feel jealous of me before." Ragdoll seemed intrigued by the prospect; he'd never considered it before, but he might like it! But he supposed it made sense, as he was quite fond of Billy himself, and if nothing else the man had good taste.

The sounds of things being moved around downstairs was getting louder, and he perked up, distracted from the conversation -- however delightfully carnal it had been getting.

"Something seems to be happening. Do you think William is back?" He got up, leaning over the balcony railing, craning to try and see. Hmm... Seemed they'd have to actually go down to check.

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"Certainly," he agreed. From the sounds, he had a general idea of where they were at; they were simply out of view at the moment.

Instead of heading towards the stairs, he twisted himself over the railing, tumbling down to the floor and landing with a thud and an unbothered roll to his feet. He straightened up somewhat out of his crouch, brushing off his suit jacket again. "Hello, down here!"

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Ragdoll knew how to take a fall, knew how to land and roll, and when it came down to it, if he'd broken a bone or two, he probably wouldn't have cared. Sometimes he considered it practically a pastime.

"My flight got in early," he explained, "and I thought that I would surprise you." He smiled. "You look cross. Did I crash our date unexpectedly?"


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