Date: 2012-11-19 09:46 pm (UTC)
riddledthecity: better put your fingers back to the keys (13)
"Naturally. I'll be in position, and I'll give you a bar before I make my own entrance." While the Riddler does love a showy entrance himself, he's known for a long while how much of a diva the Music Meister can be, and he's happy to let the man have a few moments in the spotlight all to himself if it means the audience will stay compliant -- and under their spell.

After Meister left, there wasn't much to do for those ten minutes besides getting into position. He checked one or two things on the way, making certain that all his little back-ups and failsafes were in place... and that his own little surprise with the chandelier was ready. He'd had a feeling the Music Meister might go with the Phantom look for this, and if Batman did drop in on them -- or the Gotham P.D., for that matter -- there would be a little surprise in store.

The lights were dimmed, and the opera was already in full swing; when the Riddler put in the audio filters Meister had designed, it barely muffled the sound. He'd just have to trust they were going to work properly. And as long as they did...

This was going to be -- dare he say it? -- fun.
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