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Sep. 27th, 2012 10:57 am
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[Carrying over from this post.)

Music Meister’s been in contact with the Riddler ever since his dramatic rescue and by now they’ve got the heist neatly planned out. He’s sent Riddler lyrics (and later recordings) of the be-riddled song he plans to use on his victims, and the puzzles are so woven into the more normal lyrics that the Batman will have to work hard to even know they’re there. Now it’s time for their final preparations.

The address Music Meister gave Riddler will lead him to a closed theatre. The doors are boarded up, though the boards are painted black with window patterns in order to make them seem more attractive. For an abandoned building it seems to be in fairly good shape. The doors are locked, though the lock is easily picked. Behind the doors the lie is further exposed. The lobby and box office have been completely refurbished with an elegant cream and gold tiled floor and walls hung with framed posters for musicals and concerts. The doors leading into the theater itself are also shut, the better to keep the heat in and the wind out.
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"I trust you'll provide the audience's compliance," he says, narrowing his eyes slightly. "You can trust me to distract the Bat." There was no way the Batman would be able to get anywhere near the opera house before they were finished with this crime, he was certain of it. And if he does, on that incredibly unlikely, off chance... He's already made a few preparations, himself.

Even if he's sure he won't have to use them, it's always better to have a backup plan.

The Riddler nods, and heads in the direction of Music Meister's pointing cane, smirking to himself.. "It's showtime."

Date: 2012-10-13 04:38 pm (UTC)
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He needn't worry. The Riddler presses a button on his staff, and by the time they reach the end of the alley, an entirely unremarkable car with tinted windows has pulled up. When he opens the back door, and they get inside, one of his uncostumed Riddlemen, nods to them, giving a fleeting grin before turning back to face the road and pulling out.

The Riddler smiles, lounging in the backseat. "Not exactly a limousine," he says airily to the Music Meister, "but I hope it will do for today."

meister is the best belle of the ball

Date: 2012-10-14 04:35 pm (UTC)
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It's not a very long drive, especially since they're being let out around back of the building next to the opera house. It has a fire escape with roof access, after all; a few more of his Riddlemen are already in place on the opera house roof, and when they see the two "stars," they extend a sort of metal bridge over to them - only about two feet wide and lacking handrails, but perfectly sturdy.

He nods to one of the Riddlemen. "Take Meister here, show him where he needs to go. He'll be hijacking the speakers. How long," he continues, turning to address Music Meister this time, "would you say you'll need before you can be ready and in position?" Even with Meister's mind-controlling songs, the Riddler had decided they should make their entrances from different directions, in a sort of pincer maneuver. There was very little chance they'd need it, but it certainly would look properly theatrical, wouldn't it?

Date: 2012-11-19 09:46 pm (UTC)
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"Naturally. I'll be in position, and I'll give you a bar before I make my own entrance." While the Riddler does love a showy entrance himself, he's known for a long while how much of a diva the Music Meister can be, and he's happy to let the man have a few moments in the spotlight all to himself if it means the audience will stay compliant -- and under their spell.

After Meister left, there wasn't much to do for those ten minutes besides getting into position. He checked one or two things on the way, making certain that all his little back-ups and failsafes were in place... and that his own little surprise with the chandelier was ready. He'd had a feeling the Music Meister might go with the Phantom look for this, and if Batman did drop in on them -- or the Gotham P.D., for that matter -- there would be a little surprise in store.

The lights were dimmed, and the opera was already in full swing; when the Riddler put in the audio filters Meister had designed, it barely muffled the sound. He'd just have to trust they were going to work properly. And as long as they did...

This was going to be -- dare he say it? -- fun.


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