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Name: Billy Harris
Alias: The Music Meister
Age: 26

Appearance: Billy Harris has blue eyes, chin-length orange hair and a notable gap in his front teeth. He is broad-shouldered and reasonably strong, though more by genetics and heavy lifting of props than any intentional training. Unlike many villains, Music Meister's wardrobe is not consistent. He has a wide range of costumes based on musical genres or specific musicians such as Elvis or Liberace. Whichever costume he's wearing may relate to the heist he's pulling or simply be his preference of the moment. The costumes generally have a green and purple color theme. They are accompanied by a visor with a musical note pattern on the front, which substitutes for the glasses he wears as a civilian. His bears a surprising resemblance to that of well-known performer Neil Patrick Harris, despite a complete lack of family relation.

Background: Billy Harris had a mostly average childhood. He developed a passion for music at a young age, particularly singing, though he was a frequent target of bullying. At thirteen his voice cracked during choir practice and Billy found himself able to reach a specific pitch he hadn't been able to achieve before--a pitch that allowed him to control the minds of the people around him.

Billy kept his ability a secret, letting his less-than-perceptive parents believe that people were simply enthralled by his musical talent. He did casual experimentation on the children he babysat, and less harmless experiments with his former bullies. In college he majored in electrical engineering rather than the performing arts as many had expected. He had already dispensed with his dreams of musical fame and begun planning his career as a supervillain.

After college Billy moved to Gotham City and purchased (for a hypnotically-induced low price) a run down theater. This would become both his base of operations and his home for the next year and a half. He refurbished the theater into a proper concert hall (with makeshift living quarters in the dressing room) while planning his debut performance as the Music Meister.

Music Meister seized his chance when the launch of a communications satellite was interrupted by Gorilla Grodd, Clock King, and Black Manta. When Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary arrived to stop the trio Music Meister stepped in to take control of all six. He used the group to attach a device to the satellite before launching it. During the heist he realized the beauty of Black Canary's singing voice and became enamored of her. Batman arrived on the scene and employed a set of sound-filtering earbuds in order to block out Music Meister's hypnotic pitch. Music Meister set the group on him as a distraction and then ordered them to dance into the rocket's flames while he made his escape.

After rescuing the heroes and arresting the villains, Batman tracked Music Meister to his lair. Music Meister escaped and unleashed the mind-controlled hordes of Arkham Asylum upon Batman and his allies. He confessed his love to Black Canary in song, while Canary herself was likewise confessing her fondness for Batman,, but acknowledged that she would never accept his villainy. In deference to her wishes he instead knocked her out and put her in an immensely complicated death trap. The death trap itself was only a stalling technique (as proven by the fact that he tied her to Batman) while Music Meister put his plan into action. He hijacked the satellite to broadcast his voice worldwide. Earth's population broke into song and began to eagerly steal money and valuables in his name. Once again, enter Batman. Music Meister's hypnotized minions captured Black Canary and removed her ear buds, bringing her again under his control. However, Batman tricked Music Meister into having Black Canary sing high enough to shatter his equipment and shut down the transmission to the satellite. A single punch to the jaw silenced his plans for good.

Due to internal politics and the fact that no one was quite sure what to do with him, Billy was (quite inaccurately) ruled criminally insane and placed at Arkham Asylum. He was fitted with a specially designed collar that prevented his vocal cords from vibrating, rendering him mute. This forced him to communicate primarily through crude sign language and a small whiteboard, a confinement that only increased his anxiety and depression at having his wings clipped. However, he eventually managed to escape and is currently still at large.

Abilities: Billy's greatest weapon is, of course, his voice. When he hits his perfect pitch everyone who hears him is compelled to do his bidding. The only people immune to his hypnosis are blood relatives and those with strong enough wills or training to resist his control. However, he cannot make people directly kill themselves or do something utterly against their core principles, such as harming a loved one. To compliment his voice he is skilled in electronic engineering, which allowed him to hijack the communications satellite.

Non-offensively, Billy is also trained in many of the theater arts. He designs and makes all his own costumes, as well as composing the songs he uses during his crimes.

All icons made by [info]alanahikarichan, as this was originally her journal.


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